9 tips for searching job in London

London… Last days I’ve met a lot of people who want to move to England and find a good job there. Mix of cultures, business opportunities, beautiful nature and architecture are just a few about this place.

I have prepared 9 secrets you have to know about finding job for foreigners in one of  most vibrant and exciting city!

Make LinkedIn profile perfect

Everyone has detailed filled up Linkedin profiles in London. People have many recommendations and approved skills. It may seem hard and boring to make it, but your chances to get a job are higher if you get recommendations and  approved skills. Don’t forget to put good quality business photo and your dream job is one step from you!

Prepare CV

After you LinkedIn is ready be sure you have  an up to date CV (resume). Make it easy to read, with nice photo and great list of experience. In London it’s more important than your degree or certificates.

Also be sure your CV is set out in the format that UK employers expect. You can find it in internet or use  help of a company. For instance, https://www.cvcentre.co.uk

Improve English

I hope you realize how much its important to speak English good. It will help not only to get important details about work on interview but also solve various communication problems at the office.

Professional help

In UK companies prefer to collaborate with recruiters to find new talents. So talk to a reputable recruitment consultancy agency. They will recommend which industry is better for you, help you with the processes and applications involved.


Visas are necessary for non-European migrants who want to work in the UK. There are various categories of Visas, each with different requirements, so you need to research carefully and see which one applies to you.

The UK Visas and Administration https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-visas-and-immigration  is a useful place to search information regarding Visa requirements.

Common test-projects or a test-day

Little test-tasks are very popular and are a part of a normal hiring process. You can get also a test-project. For example, to do some research and write a report or redesign the app. And main requirement you should not  spend on it more that 8 hours.

What about ‘test-day’? It’s when you stay at the company, do a project together with the team and in the evening present it to the CEO and the team. It is like checking how really good professional you are and ability work under pressure and stress.

So you ready for job in UK? I have some cherries on the cake!

More that 50% of salary will be spent on rent

Be ready  a good amount of your salary will be spent on rent. Before accepting job offer check places to live from where you could get to office and calculate possible expenses.  

Walking marathon

Londoners are moving so fast on the streets so be sure they can easily pass you. In the beginning you will like to check around and enjoy but few weeks later you will get used to high speed.

Horrible rush hours

Pay attention to time and if you can, avoid rush hour. When the Tube breaks down, the traffic gets blocked, and you’ll be running late for work. Make your alarm very loud and leave  home early, so you still have time to wait for another  train if you missed previous one.

Now you are ready for searching a job in London! If this article was useful please push like and share it with your connections. It can help someone to get closer to his dream!