Moving to Dubai: Expectations and reality

Dubai is a city of opportunities: career growth, high salary and standards of living, eating different foods, chance to have friends from all around the World. Many people say: “My dream life is waiting for me if I accept this job offer!” But is it true? What do you need to know before moving to UAE? 

It’s unbelievable hot

Most probably you’ve heard how hot the city is. Anyway, you can’t realize just how hot it is until you live there. With summer temperatures over 40C, you may feel as if you live inside of an oven. Luckily there are air conditioning systems in every facility in the city. You can even wait for bus in a cool bus stops. So get ready to move fast from one cool point to another and you can handle the heat. ?

Easy adaptation period

When you move to another country, it’s always pressure because you don’t know anyone, you are in different culture and language can be a problem. But Dubai is a truly “expat city”. There are 200 nationalities living next to each other. If you know English – it’s easy to find friends, attend any restaurant or club and not to feel stranger there. Making friends is easy in Dubai!

Weekends are Friday and Saturday

Got used to be off on Saturday and Sunday? Get ready to change your habits in UAE to not to lose your job. The working week starts on Sunday. Weekends are on Friday and Saturday in Emirates. This is because Friday is a holy day in Islam and people should not work on this day. 

Friday brunch – chance to connect

Dubai has a wonderful thing - Friday brunch, where you can enjoy variety of delicacies and beverages for a very reasonable price. Residents love it! Not just to eat, but also as a way to spend time with work colleagues, friends or family. So if someone invited you for brunch on Friday – don’t miss a chance! 

Know the rules and don’t brake the law 

If you want to stay in Dubai and be safe from any trouble, it’s ultra-important to abide the country’s and city’s rules. Be aware of public intoxication, buying alcohol without liquor licence, buying fake goods, taking pictures of strangers etc. Forget to pay bills at time? Put reminder for every month otherwise get ready to be arrested.

There are certain standards of behavior in UAE. Cover up from your shoulders to knees in public places, be respectful to citizens, don't pick fights, don’t swear, don’t make rude hand gestures. Intimate and tender moments should stay in your house behind closed curtains. 

Cost of living will be higher

People become happy when they learn salary will be 2-3 times higher than in home country. But they don’t realize how expensive is the cost of living in Dubai. Amount of money spent for rent, groceries, bills and visiting hospital can make you shocked in the end of month. Higher life standards demanding higher costs. 

If you plan to move with your kids – calculate if you could pay school from salary or maybe your company is kind enough to pay your rent and school fees.

You have to pay rent annually, usually in one or two checks. Schools usually require a year’s worth of postdated checks in advance of your child starting.

Think also if you decide to buy a car or furniture – and your life in UAE may start with debt.

To calculate approximate cost of living in Dubai you can use this link

Focus on working hard

People who come here are addicted to make a career. So working hard and long hours is quite normal in Dubai. Simultaneously, business ethics and work environment depends on whom you are cooperating with – each nationality has its own features. 

You need to adapt to the new working style and quickly get used to language barriers. WhatsApp and email are used in job a lot, so business English has to be in high level. 

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