HR Services

HR Services

Paraph’s HR Services covers Enrollment, Legal and Payroll Services to support you through all processes related to your personnels.


Enrollment Services

With various techniques about candidate search and interviews; Paraph provides a complete support for your recruitment process. 

We are pushing the boundaries of recruitment which is defined as the process of finding and hiring suitable candidates (from within the organization or externally) to fill the positions.

We understand the client business and their requirements; do research about the market place that includes targeting relevant companies; gather information; collect pools of candidates and find suitable people for the roles.

Unlike standard recruitment companies; Paraph - with its technical background and vast knowledge - targets active and passive candidates, explains them the client business, in brief, make interview and convince them to become open-minded for a career change.


Legal Services

The employer-employee relationship is regulated by the law on many levels; from payment of wages to termination of contracts.

Paraph legal advisory team is composed of global experts understanding worldwide standards as well as members with local law knowledge. 

We provide services for all official processes and documentation, such as contracts, permits, and licenses. We help our partners with compliance, risk management, and HR Strategy from a legal perspective.


Payroll Services

It is highly costly to establish and run a good finance organization with firms’ own resources in practices such as accounting, tax, and reporting of those!

Paraph offers complete outsourced accounting & payroll services to allow our partners to focus on running their main business instead of spending time and money for complex accounting and tax-related work.

Our services are fully customized according to the different needs of our partners’ organizations. Our aim is to reduce the cost and risk of accounting processes while increasing operational performance and system reliability.